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Coeur D Alene Statistics
Coeur D Alene Statistics

Coeur D Alene Population
Population, Group Quarters
Population, Youth & Young Adults
Population, by Race
Hispanic Latino
Population, Race Combinations
Population, Hispanic Latino
Population, by Household

Coeur D Alene Education
Education, by Sex
Education, by Age
School Enrollment
School Enrollment, by Age

Coeur D Alene Employment
Armed Forces
Employment, Disability
Employment, Status
Work Force

Coeur D Alene Origin & Language
Birth Records
Marital Status
Sex, by Age Group
Sex, by Age

Coeur D Alene Income & Poverty
Income, by Age & Household
Poverty, Family
Poverty, General
Poverty, Individual

Coeur D Alene Households
Households, Group Quarters
Households, Non-Traditional

Coeur D Alene Transportation

Coeur D Alene Housing
Home Owners
Housing, Age
Housing, Costs
Housing, Details
Housing, Elderly & Poverty
Housing, Facilities
Housing, Rental Costs
Housing, Vacancy
Housing, Value

Coeur D Alene Disability
Disability, Types of

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Coeur D Alene Statistics

General Coeur D Alene statistics. Including local population, race, housing, social information and details about the Coeur D Alene economy.

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